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All About Hay New South Wales

Australian FlagWithin New South Wales, Australia, there are several towns in the area that are great for visiting and learning more about. Hay is located in the southern region of New South Wales and is considered the agricultural center of the area for most of those who live here. Hay is also an important transportation center as it is between Sydney and Adelaide. The town is situated on the riverbank of the Murrumbidgee River, which was an important aspect for the city several centuries ago. Continue reading

Learning Martial Arts in Australia

Learning martial arts in Australia can be done by knowing where to start. The best place to learn many different styles is to become a member of the Australian Karate Federation. This organization is one of the biggest martial arts organizations that is recognized by the ASC or Australian Sports Commission.

One interesting aspect of this organization for anyone looking to learn martial arts is they are linked to the World Karate Federation. There are over 170 countries involved with this organization. This means the sport of karate is one of the ten largest sporting activities in the world. Any visitors to Australia can find members located in every territory and state. The Australian Sports Commission is a key player in the development and growth of the Australian Karate Federation.

The educational support and counsel provided by the ASC is the reason martial arts, such as karate, are taught and able to be learned in Australia. The goal of the AKF is to help grow the sport of karate on a national level. Many members who practice this art share a common spirit and physical culture. This is seen in the standardized grading for practitioners of karate who come to Australia to visit or who reside in the Commonwealth.

Anyone looking to learn karate while in Australia will need to find a local branch to learn the aims and objectives of the AKF. A traveler who is looking to become a student of karate need to find a branch of the AKF where they plan on staying or when residing in Australia. There are many benefits if a traveler is looking for the best option to learn about karate.

One of the main objectives of the AKF is to develop, support, advance, and protect karate as a practice throughout Australia. Another important aspect is there will be universal criteria for proper recognition of instructors, grading of students, and basic standards. This means there will not be any difference if a student is traveling to different areas of Australia.

Another aspect of the AKF is organizing karate championships. The organization will support a variety of contestants who are selected to participate in national and international championships. Learning the basics of karate or any martial arts means adhering to Rule 3, clause 1 of the AKF. This is a rule that is meant to promote the healthy, lawful, and proper practice of karate. Abuses or karate will be repressed and not used outside of sporting events.

Travelers to Australia can come from any social class and ethnic background. Another goal of the AKF is to prevent discrimination that is political, sexual, religious, or racial among karate practitioners. One vital aspect to keep in mind is karate is a sport that anyone can learn and continue to develop. This will include travelers who are in Australia for a short time or are continuing academic studies.

There are other local and regional organizations that cooperate with the AKF to help promote the basic perception of karate. This is done through mutual support and assistance. Another important aspect for travelers to know is the AKF will often be an affiliate and communicate with other organizations or an assortment of associations. These can be in the Commonwealth of Australia or located in various other countries. The objective is to help further the interest of karate and other martial arts.

“In my opinion there has never been a better time to learn a Martial Art in Australia. The verity of styles mixed with the amount of gyms available all round the country mean that as a student you really are spoilt for choice.” – Pedro Sauer Martial Arts Instructor.

Travelers who wish to learn karate or continue their training need to be aware of the code of ethics for the ASC. All members of the AKF need to abide by a common code of ethics at all times. Members of the Australian Karate Federation will act as representatives of the organization. One important rule to follow is behaving in a dignified manner when acting as a representative of the AKF. This can be at a sanctioned event or when performing a demonstration when travelling around Australia.

Be Amazed with What the “Land Down Under” Can Offer

Born and raised in Australia, I am proud living in this country all my life. I have travelled to many places, tried different foods, explored new cultures, etc. But not one of these places feels like home. So, when I get the chance to travel to other countries, I also see to it that I take my new found friends in my country. Just before they come here, I always suggest some of the best places and activities that they can try. I want to make sure that they enjoy the trip and have fun.

Places to Visit

Australia has a lot of exciting and nice places to visit. Since many of my friends like to try out different adventures, I can easily find the best places where they can try out various activities. Just last week, my friends and I went to the Great Barrier Reef. It is a cheap way to enjoy this amazing spot. We got the chance to see the wonders of the sea and rich wildlife of my country.

After our Great Barrier Reef, we went to other popular tourist attractions like the Minyon Waterfalls, Byron Bay and the Byron Bay Lighthouse. It was such a pleasant and fun experience. My friends were really delighted to visit me in my home country. The next day, we just decided to relax, chill and stroll around some of the best places in the area. We tried coastal walks where my friends and I get to walk around Bondi. To enjoy the exciting nightlife of the country, I took my friends to the Gold Coast South Easter Queensland. The place has nice beaches and canals. It has the perfect weather where everyone can just enjoy the beach and have fun.

Enjoy Shopping in Australia

Australia is also a perfect place to shop. Since many of my friends love shopping, I took them to places where they can go to different markets. Melbourne and Sydney have the best shopping meccas. My favorite spot is the Queen Victoria Markets. I get to purchase nice items at affordable prices. Melbourne is also a good place to buy the finest fashion brands. There are also other nice markets where tourists can find amazing bargains. One of my friends was interested in buying a quadcopter for gopro. So we had to find a quadcopter while we were shopping.

Foods to Try

Of course, during our travels, we tried different foods. To make it a memorable experience, I would always tell my friends to try Australian foods so that they can eat something that they have not yet tried in their home countries. We ate fish and chips by the beach. We also tried the grilled kangaroo dish. It was a funny experience as some of my friends were surprised that there’s this kind of dish. So, I encouraged them to try the grilled kangaroo which is also the national animal. After tasting the dish, they said it’s delicious.

Australia has a lot to offer. Even if I am living here for years, my country never fails to amaze me with new places to visit and adventures to try.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Pack Up And Move To Australia Now

There are plenty of cool places to live. Some people want a big city with lots of things happening, like New York, where women can shop, and men can line up at the bar and talk about their fantasy football league names. Some people want to live along the coast, and find themselves in Florida or California. Some people want to live up in the mountains, headed to Colorado, or for the timid, maybe Vermont. Some people just move to Europe, heading straight for Paris. Everyone has their fantasy home, but one place that should be high on everyone’s list should be Australia, a “land down under” as Men at Work said. Australia offers to many benefits, that by the time you’re done reading this article, you might start packing to move to Oz.

The first reason is the people. Australia is well-known for their friendly citizens. Part of that is that they are not wrapped up in their own lives nearly as much as Europeans, and they’re not constantly busy like Americans. Folks are very helpful, and they have an excellent sense of humor. Even the stereotype statement, “throw another shrimp on the barbie,” is a sign of Australia’s hospitality and friendliness.

Second, Australia has some amazing beaches and ocean recreation. The Great Barrier Reef, off the Northeastern Coast, is an exciting example. But even just exploring the beaches is an amazing experience. The day you land in Sydney, you can hit Bondi Beach, and amazing experience, and as you travel around the country, you’ll find that that amazing experience is only just the tip of the iceberg.

Third, Australia seems to understand that luxury travel, and the costs associated with it, is everywhere, and plenty of places cater to budget travel. There are plenty of places that cater to backpackers, the ultimate in low-cost travelers. Add the outstanding National Parks, such as Great Sandy National Park, make for awesome budget traveling experiences.

Fourth, Australians love sports as much as North America or Europe. They’ve adopted sports from outside, like basketball, cricket, and rugby; but they have also their own sports, like Australian Football. You won’t hear a lot of talk around the pubs about touchdowns and the latest fantasy football names, but loyal they are to the fast-paced Australian Football. Attendance is high at sports event, and televised sports are very popular. Australians love their code of football (affectionately known as footy), just as much as Americans enjoy American football, and as the British enjoy Association Football. Even women’s sports, such as netball, carry wide participation and following.

Finally, and this is awesome: Australia’s neighbors. Australia has enough to see to last a lifetime, but the nation’s neighbors are charming and fascinating in their own rights. Australia’s most intimate neighbor, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places to see anywhere. Northern neighbor Indonesia offers gorgeous beaches and exotic cities. Just further off Cambodia and Thailand offer historical and religious sites that will cause even the most cynical of travelers to marvel. For the hardiest of travelers, cruises to Antarctica area available. Living in Australia makes it much easier to see these amazing places.

Australia is an amazing, filled with amazing amazing people, and amazing things to see and do. I can tell you’re getting antsy, so I’ll let you log off and start packing your bags.

Preparing for the Outback

The Australian Outback.

A mass of wilderness just asking to be explored on a voyage of discovery. There comes a point in every Aussie’s life when curiosity gets the better of you, and you can no longer resist the alluring call of the Outback. Expedition beckons, wonders await and the experience of a lifetime is bound to be had. With all of this in our back yard, I think that a journey into the outback is a right of passage before you can truly call yourself Australian.

We are blessed with such natural beauty, the outback, the largest sand island on the planet and of course the great barrier reef. It would be a crying shame if we left this life without experiencing these true wonders of the world.

Jam packed full of possibilities, the appeal of heading into the outback is clear. However, with great opportunity, comes an ample amount of danger and uncertainty. What we are also not so blessed with, is poisonous wildlife, and swamps full of crocs. Because of these potential pitfalls, heading into the outback unprepared is close to suicidal, especially if you’re aiming for a full walkabout. As well as the mental and physical preparation before undergoing a trip like the one I’m proposing, you need to be prepared in terms of gear and a equipment.

Equipment isn’t exactly cheap these days, but you really can’t put a price on safety and peace of mind for your family and friends. It’s important not to try and do a trip like this on a shoestring budget, as buying second rate gear is going to lead to second rate experience which you possibly may not make it back from. So once you’ve got your tent, your provisions, a decent set of hiking boots, ample sunscreen and cooking set up, you may think you’ve got it all. If you’re thinking that, then you are unfortunately mistaken. One vital piece of gear that everyone seems to overlook, is a knife.

Now I’m not talking about a knife to go wrestle and skin a crocodile with, I’m talking about your average folding knife. The folding knife is real bread and butter when it comes to camping gear, regardless of your destination. They can be used for just about everything and anything you can think off. I use my one for countless tasks, such as puncturing cans, cutting off lengthy ropes, skinning the animals I catch, gutting them and preparing food. As long as you have some decent cleaning solution then you can use it for just about anything, personally, I’d recommend trying to get your hands of a squirt bottle of acetone, as a great cost effective sterilizing agent.

With folding knives, there is a lot of variation, and as with any piece of equipment you need to find the one that suits your needs best. My personal choices came down to the Buck 110 and the Boker Lockback, as both are sturdy with a good blade length. You can find a superb comparative review of these two knives over at the Folding Knife HQ. Don’t head out without one.

Is Our Love Affair with Credit Cards Finally Over?

The Reserve Bank has recently released data that has revealed Australians are steering away from credit cards, as many people ditched the plastic in May.

However, is the dip in credit card customers due to Australians becoming smarter about credit cards, or are we just lacking confidence and trying to steer clear of debt problems? Either way, it’s good news, as household debt has reached its highest level since 1998.

However, while there has been a fall in the amount of credit cards taken out, it seems as though credit card usage is still on the rise. There are approximately 15.45 million credit cards still being used in Australia alone, and the figure has grown by 0.77% in the past year.

However, while credit cards are still in use, it appears we’re all quickly paying them off. In May 2014, the country made 166.3 million purchases – which is worth $22.9 billion in credit card charges; however, this is in comparison to 160.92 million purchases that were worth $22.5 billion in the previous year.

It therefore appears that many of us may be learning from the Australian debt binge of the noughties, which many of us were party to. However, many people believe that the new statistics simply prove that consumers lack confidence in taking out a credit card, especially as many Australians have not long found employment, or are still struggling to find a job.

Craig James, the CommSec economist, recently commented: “While businesses are borrowing, investing and employing again, consumers are reluctant to take on debt. This is no more apparent than in the credit card figures released each month by the Reserve Bank”.

According to a new report by Homeloans, many Australians are expected to spend this year’s tax refund paying down their mortgage or credit card, demonstrating that residents are becoming more financially responsible by trying to help clear debts whenever possible

The survey found that out of the 64% of people that expect to receive a tax refund from the 2013/14 financial year, 21% plan to cut the cost of their mortgage, whilst 33% plan to pay off their credit card debt. The research suggests that Australians view slashing debt as a primary concern, whilst holidays and shopping trips are only secondary considerations.

It’s not just Australians that are becoming more conscious of how damaging credit cards can be, as more Americans are now wary of taking out a credit card.

The US was undoubtedly one of the hardest hit countries during the recession, suffering significant employment problems and an ailing economy. However, the Washington Post has recently reported that 29% of credit card holders have paid off their balances in the fourth quarter of 2013 – which is the highest figure on record since the recession.

While it is music to our ears that there has been a reduction in credit card accounts, more action must be taken to warn people of the dangers of only paying the minimum amount on existing credit cards – as this indicated that a person is not really in control of their finances.

The Job Market In Australia Is Wide Open

If you have ever thought about moving abroad to Australia for a new future, the job market is bright. There are so many opportunities for hard working individuals in the country, and the economy is very strong at this time. No matter what your skillset, there are a number of industries that are looking for bright individuals. One important thing to think about, however, is what your strengths and weaknesses are.

There are many important factors that people need to take into consideration whenever they are making any plans for the future. Sometimes, what seems like a small, arbitrary decision, such as choosing the construction job in lieu of the office cleaning one can have a rippling effect that influences your actions as well as those folks you deal with every day. The locals and people in charge want to be sure that any persons they intend to hire for their jobs will be reliable, dependable and conscientious.

As economies begin to bounce back and market shares start to stabilize the jobs will begin to return. It may be possible to speed this process along by opening your mind up to specialty areas. For instance, a farming family could turn part of what they sell into preserved foods that will last longer and bring a better price. Since they will be preserving some of their crops for personal consumption anyhow, it makes sense to perform a little more work for a better income. However, simple changes like these won’t help a family prepare for the future. This is because many of the new jobs that are available require high tech skills.

The tech market is another great opportunity down under. Australia is a first world country after all, and tech jobs are in very high demand. Web designers, programmers, and graphic artists are in more high demand than ever. Ever since the boom in personal and home computers in the early nineteen eighties people have been trying to find new and novel ways to put them to use.

This progress was slow at first because there weren’t enough skilled people to operate the various electronics. Plus, installation and repair technicians were very difficult to find and often expensive to hire. However, anyone can learn these skills if they dedicate enough time to learn about the equipment. As modern electronics evolve they become much easier to use and even more reliable in their purpose. This dependability leaves the more important tasks of networking and communications for the workers to handle.

Working on computer networks takes several different skills. For example, you may be required to string new wires to extend the signal or replace existing ones in order to improve the network’s reliability. This usually requires the need for splicing the into an existing line or adding a network switch to increase the carrier signal and the distance the signal can travel. Since Austalia is such a large country with a spread out population, this is very important. This is especially true as population centers creep slowly towards the west coast.

Another thing to think about is that Australia has computer problems just like anywhere else, and as the population becomes more technologically savvy, techs are in high demand to deal with viruses, crashes, and other malfunctions.

Whatever industry you would like to work in, there are ample opportunities in Australia, especially in the technical field. Many of my friends are turning towards tech jobs in the country, and are even starting their own self-employed businesses as web designers and graphic artists.

5 Ways to Get Ready for Australian Night Life

Anyone who has visited Australia knows; stuff gets crazy in the night life. Australians really know how to party, and they’ll literally go all night long. A large part of the Australian culture, at least for young adults, is the attire. They have a much different style than others are used to, but it works well, and they look good.

We are going to run over several fashion tips that will help you get ready for the club when you’re going to go out in Australia. Since we are mostly made up of guys here, we’re going to gear this article specifically for guys!

First, let’s talk about deep v-necks. If you don’t have some, get some. They are extremely trendy in Australia at the moment. These can be paired well with slim fitting jeans, a few necklaces, and other accessories. You want the v-necks to fit well, but you don’t want them to be skin tight. looser off the arms looks great while not too baggy in the core. These will keep you cool in the epic night clubs where it can get extremely hot.

Slim fitting pants are the best option to be paired with your deep v. However these can get very hot. Shorts are another great option. If you decide to go the shorts route, keep them short. Not only because it’s hot outside and in the club, but that’s what’s trendy in Australia at the moment. Shorts should go about mid-thigh. Try out some neon colors as well, have fun with it. After all, that’s what the Australian culture is about, having fun. This is very much expressed in their fashion.

Make up is up next. Makeup for guys? You bet! You don’t have to go crazy, but a little bit of eye liner, mascara or eye shadow can go a long way. Don’t be afraid. Trust us.

Let’s talk accessories. A few necklaces is fine. try leather or fabric necklaces as opposed to metal chains. Keep it to two or three at the most. When it comes to bracelets, you can go a little overboard. feel free to throw five or six of them on as long as they don’t clash too hard. Piercings are big in Australia, so feel free to throw a lip ring or nose ring in. However, it’s important to keep it silver. Colored rings look tacky, and gold doesn’t go with anything. Silver is modern, and it looks good with everything.

When it comes to shoes, Chuck Taylor’s are always a good call. If it’s too hot out, or if you don’t have any, you can opt out for a slick pair of flip flops. If you chose to wear pants out, I insist on Chuck Taylor’s. If you don’t have any, go with a nice pair of leather shoes. However, you’re going to want to keep them a light brown.

I really hoped this helps you guys. Remember, going out in Australia is all about the fun, don’t worry about going too big, there is no such thing. Have your outfit reflect your personality. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave us a comment below! Thanks for reading!

Awesome Things About Ham Radio in Australia

It’s no surprise that Australia is a vast country. It’s pretty large, but more than that, a large portion of the country is untouched, specifically the central part of the continent. For this reason, telecommunications across the country are sparse. They simply haven’t had the chance to lay significant telecommunication lines throughout Australia. Sure, you can call from one side of Australia and reach the other side, but it’s usually expensive, and the signal isn’t always great.

For this reason, there has been a flux in ham radios in the recent years. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and people can use them to communicate to people all over Australia and all over the world.

Ham radios operate on frequency and they bounce signals off of towers to relay signals and communication between the radios, so you can essentially talk to anyone in the world as long as they have a ham radio and they are using the same frequency as you are.

Since the majority of central Australia is untouched, it’s difficult to communicate with people when you are in the outback. There is rarely a moment where you will have a cell phone signal, you most likely wont find wifi, so sometimes the only method of communication is ham radios. They allow you to pick up a signal from anywhere and communicate with others around you.

This is essential if you are going to be big game hunting, or even if you aren’t, you’ll still need a way to communicate with the outside world in case of an emergency. And when you are in the Australian outback, you are very likely to run into an emergency!

Also, Australia is just know to have all sorts of creepy critters and large unknown animals. It’s important that if you have children, they have a way to communicate with you while they are out playing with their friends. They are likely to stumble across something unsavory during their mini expeditions, so it’s important to have a good, established communication system with them. As cell phones aren’t always reliable, it’s a great idea to have walkie talkies or ham radios with them and you so you’re able to communicate effectively.

Lastly, hunting is big in Australia. You will likely find yourself or a friend hunting in the Australian outback. If that is the case, I highly recommend you have ham radios. This will allow as a fail proof system incase they are in a position where they won’t be able to use cell phones or other means of modern communication. Additionally, things can turn dangerous very quickly in the outback. It is best to be prepared for anything that comes up.

I hope this helps! We truly believe in the tried and trusted ham radio system. We think if you give them a try then you will too. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to leave us a comment below! Happy hunting!

Visit New Zealand

Australia is a country of never ending beauty, anybody who has visited can tell you that. We have diverse landscapes, desert to rain forests, the largest coastal reef on the planet, and the largest rock too! Our culture is just as diverse as well, pulling traditions and influence from different pockets of people all around the globe!
Neighbouring New Zealand is just as much of a gem in its own right too!

While New Zealand might be known for things like being the landscape for The Lord Of The Rings movie franchise, the best lamb in the world, and for producing the world’s safest trampoline, it is also a country full of natural beauty and caring people!

New Zealand is comprised of two main islands, commonly referred to as the North and South islands, which make up “the mainland”. The majority of the 4.45 million people who live on the islands inhabit these two islands, with many smaller islands forming 9 island groups around the country.

Auckland is the country’s largest city, with almost a quarter of the country’s people choosing to call this city home. It is located on the north end of the north island and is known for it’s great shopping, fantastic dining and beautiful scenery.

The city backs onto a beautiful rainforest that meets the black sand beaches along the stunning sea of the west coast, and gorgeous white sand beaches along the east coast!

Near the city you’ll find a total of 48 volcanoes which dot the skyline, the most famous of which being on the island of Rangitoto, a fabulous day trip only half an hour from downtown by ferry ride. This is a perfect spot to enjoy the day walking or taking in nature with friends and family.

Another stunning attraction of the North Island is the Bay of Plenty on the east side of the island. Named after the first impression of explorer Thomas Cook, who upon arrival, was greeted with the sight of endless plantations and agriculture, the Bay of Plenty features the last active marine volcano of the islands. Quite a sight to behold!

Moving to the South Island you are presented with a quite drastic change in scenery. The South Island is home to the city of Chirstchurch, where 340,000 people live. Within easy driving distance of the city you can find yourself exploring glacial valleys, enjoying world class skiing or snowboarding amongst the most beautiful mountains on earth, visit botanical gardens, take a wine tour through some of the most celebrated vineyards in the world, go surfing, see whales breaching and so much more! Very few places on earth boast the diversity that the South Island is able to present to you.

Of course, one of the most intriguing attractions this land has to offer is the traditions of the native Maori people. Settlers themselves, the Maori arrived in New Zealand over 1000 years ago and have formed their own culture, which can be respectfully viewed by booking a tour through one of the local touring agencies in Auckland. Enjoy a traditionally cooked meal from one of the ‘earth ovens’, watch their tribal dances and enjoy interacting with these fascinating people while you visit New Zealand!

There is so much to do and see in neighbouring New Zealand, it is a must do while you are down in Australia!

Top 5 Things To Do While In Australia

If you’re ready to get away on a great vacation filled with adventure, fun, and relaxation, then you should think about heading to Australia. It really is a great place to visit and, more than likely, it has plenty of things to do for everyone in your family that they will enjoy and remember for a lifetime. Among other things, Australia has great beaches, incredible nightlife, ancient ruins, hiking trails, music, culture, and much more.

To help you plan your trip or convince others that Australia is the place you should go, we have put together our top 5 things to do while you’re in Australia. While there is much more than what’s on this list, it will go a long way in getting you started on your adventure.

5) Take A Trip To Middle Earth

You can visit where they filmed the  “The Lord Of The Rings” movies with the many tours of the locations that were used, like the Elf capital of Rivendell or Helm’s Deep. There are countless different tours that are offered to see the sights of Middle Earth. For the true lovers of “The Lord Of The Rings,” you can take a tour where the whole saga began as well. It’s something that children and adults alike will love and enjoy.

4) The Great Barrier Reef

If you go to Australia, it’s almost a requirement to experience The Great Barrier Reef. It’s the world’s largest coral reef system and is home to thousands of different underwater species. There are many adventures you can partake in to see the great barrier reef, from snorkeling tours and cruises to sailing trips. Be sure to visit the reef from different places though, as it can really look completely different from Cairns to Port Douglas.

3) Island Hop The Fiji Islands

You may have heard of the world famous Fiji Islands, but to experience it is a whole other thing. Other than the fact that they have world class beaches, the Mamanuca island chain has beautiful waterfalls, coral reefs to explore, and plenty of adventures to get in on. Honestly, you could spend an entire vacation just in the Fiji Islands and probably have the time of your life. From snorkeling, all inclusive beach resorts, cruises, shark feeding tours, and more, you can fill your days with plenty of leisure and fun.

2) Surf on Bondi Beach

There isn’t much more that screams Australia than being on the beach, looking tan and hanging ten. If you don’t know how to surf, that’s not a problem as you can take surf lessons from local surf pros who will show you the ropes and have you out there surfing up a storm in no time. If you are planning on heading to the beach on your Australian vacation, you may want to think about hitting the gym a few months in advance so you’ll fit right in and look amazing on the beach. Hire a personal trainer, start jogging in the mornings, or, if you really want to boost your results, you may want to look into the best rated crossfit shoes and the best rated testosterone boosters out today. They will help you fuel those heart pounding workouts so you can look your best on the beach.

1) Visit The Sydney Opera House

The iconic Sydney Opera House tops our list as the #1 place to visit while in Australia. While many have visited this famous place, you can be one of the few who actually gets to see it from behind the scenes. They offer guided tours where you can see all the backstage happenings and even the dressing rooms of the stars. They also have off-shore excursions and cruises that run along the opera house, giving plenty to do for everyone in the family.