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Hay is at the centre of what is generally regarded as one of the best wool growing merino regions in Australia with some 26 studs found on the Riverine Plains. With the need to diversify agricultural operation to operate sustainably, the sheep meat industry has grown, mainly in response to the depressed wool prices of…


Expect the weather to be typical of the seasons. It is hot in summer and cold in winter. Often dry and clear big blue skies. Spring brings brisk mornings and beautiful days perfect for exploring and admiring the wildflowers after the winter rains. 

How to get here

Hay is located in the Western Riverina region, NSW, at the intersection of three major highways: the Cobb, Sturt & Mid Western Highways. From Sydney You can catch a flight to Griffith then it is a 1.5hr drive. Countrylink has a train that travels from Sydney every day to Cootamundra connecting to a bus service…