Hay has many great spots along both the Murrumbidgee and Lachlan rivers for fishing. The Rivers are a haven for many varieties of fish and yabbying is also a fun activity that is popular with both visitors and locals.
Bait is readily available in Hay, and fishing licenses can be obtained at the Services NSW office in Lachlan St or online
The Hay Weir is a popular fishing spot, along with several other reserves along both rivers.
For more information on recreational fishing regulations go to

Murray Cod - The season runs from December to August each year. To take a Murray Cod out of the river it must be between 55cm and 75cm long with a daily limit of 2 with a possession limit of 4. Good baits include Bardi grubs, yabbies, lures, large flies and cheese.

Yellow Belly - Australian native freshwater fish the Golden Perch - better known as Yellow Belly is a member of the Percichthyidae family. Its legal length to take out of the river is 30cm with a daily limit of 5. Good baits include shrimp, yabbies, worms, spinnerbaits, minnows or bibless lures.

Redfin - Anglers are encouraged not to return redfin to the water as they prey on native fish species and can impact other recreational fisheries. There is no size limit or daily limit for this species. 

Catfish - Freshwater Catfish are listed as an endangered population in the Murray-Darling Basin. They have a legal limit of 30cm. A bag limit of 2 in Eastern rivers with a possession limit of 4. Good baits include yabbies, snails and earthworms to foods like ham or cheese.

Yabbies - Yabbies are fun to catch and kids love them. The Yabby is not as easy to find in the river but you may have luck in the roots of the trees and snags in the river. There is no legal length to take from the river with a bag limit of 200 total. A good bait to use for yabbies is fish heads, chicken gut or liver.

Carp - Carp are a pest to the Murrumbidgee River, It is expected that you will not return carp to the river if you are unlucky enough to catch one. Carp are eatable however most people find them to be muddy flavoured and unpleasant to eat. 


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The ‘Hay Shire is located on the Riverine Plain in south-western New South Wales and includes portions of the floodplains of the Lachlan and Murrumbidgee Rivers. Contrary to popular belief the ‘Hay Plain’ supports a diverse range of vegetation communities and these communities contain numerous bird species. Birds of the Saltbush & Cottonbush ShrublandsThis community…

Lions Park

Located at the end of Lachlan street near the bridge, the Lions Park has a large park area with Jungle Jim, public toilets and free BBQ with access to the river via Bushy Bend.

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