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Where we are and how to get here

Hay is located in the Western Riverina region, NSW, at the intersection of three major highways: the Cobb, Sturt & Mid Western Highways.

Not driving? Then there are several ways to get to Hay...



From Sydney


There are flights that depart Sydney and fly to Griffith, Narrandera and Wagga Wagga. These flights depart from Sydney four times a day during weekdays, twice on Saturdays and three times on Sundays. You can then board a coach from Griffith CountryLink. These coaches depart each day.


CountryLink has a train that runs from Sydney to Cootamundra, where there is a connecting coach to Hay and Mildura. This trip takes approximately eleven hours.

CountryLink 132232



From Melbourne 

There are no direct flights from Melbourne to Hay.


V Line has a coach that runs from Melbourne to Deniliquin once a day, daily, and two on Fridays. This trip takes approximately 4 hours. Any people then wanting to travel on to Hay would have to either hire a car in Deniliquin or find their own transport to Hay.


The CountryLink Melbourne XPT runs once a day, daily. Travelers catch the train from Melbourne to Cootamundra, and the connecting coach to Hay. This trip takes approximately ten hours.

VLine 136196
CountryLink 132232



From Canberra

There are no direct flights from Canberra to Hay.


CountryLink have coaches that pick up in Canberra and drop off in Hay once a day, daily. The CountryLink coach travels via Cootamundra. The trip takes approximately eight and a half hours.

CountryLink 132232



From Adelaide


There are no direct flights from Adelaide to Hay. You can, however, catch a plane from Adelaide to Mildura, and then a coach from Mildura to Hay. Flights from Adelaide to Mildura depart twice daily, and coaches depart Mildura to Hay each morning.


Countrylink has a coach that leaves Mildura every morning

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