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Hay has five museums, that's one for every 490 people.

Bullockies and bishops, cooks and coachbuilders, pastoralists and prisoners of war. Visit any of Hay's five museums and you're sure to meet some of the town's real characters, past and present. Characters like painter and preacher Bishop Ernest Anderson, Ah Mow the Chinese gardener, quilter Marion Gibson, or internment camp cartoonist Fred Schoenbach.

Hay's museums can introduce you to some of the really remarkable people who have contributed to our community. See Gallipoli through the camera lens of a Hay soldier. Glimpse the fairies that children imagined lived at the bottom of the Bishop's Lodge garden. Track Italian POW Colonel Simone's escape from the Hay Gaol. Marvel at the contribution shearers have made to Australian culture. Striking images, intriguing exhibits, evocative sound, and playful interactivity bring Hay's heritage to life.

The quality and vibrancy of our five museums is testament to the passion and pride local people feel about Hay's past, present and future. A team of nearly 100 enthusiastic local volunteers has created Hay's museums, and their dedication shows. If you're lucky, you might meet some of them.

Fun, engaging, moving: each of our five museums offers a different experience. Together they tell the story of a town full of characters.

Guided tours are available.

Contact the Hay Outback Info Centre 02 6993 4045

Chris McClelland Gallery/Studio

95 Lachlan Street
Hay NSW  2711
02 6993 4264

Opening hours Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. Saturday 9am to 12:30pm
Closed on Sundays

or by appointment though Chris can be found drawing in there most days!

 If you are coming to Hay please phone the Gallery as sometimes the Gallery is closed for a few days when the artists Chris and Margie are away on location.

Entry to the Gallery is Free

Come and see artist Chris McClelland at work in his studio gallery. Browse the amazing collection of his artworks that you will find in his gallery located in the Riverine Grazier.

Chris McClelland managed a large sheep station near Hay and since retiring from station life, he has time to create fine, detailed graphite and coloured pencil drawings which reflect his natural unique gift. He is internationally recognised for his artwork and has a strong passion for the wildlife of Africa and Australia and captures movement of the wildlife in his artwork.

His wife Margie is also a talented photographer and her images are also admired by many.