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This is the fourth Courthouse building in Hay. All of them have been on different sites. The first courthouse was built in 1860 and was on the site of the present post office. The second courthouse was built in 1879 and was the building that is now the Hay Shire Council. This building was declared unsatisfactory after a short time, the acoustics in particular a problem, and a swap was affected with the Athenaeum in 1885.

The fourth and present building was erected in 1892. The building is of brick, originally with a slate roof, replaced by tiles in 1962. The original panelling has been replaced by Queensland Maple veneered panelling. All windows feature simple stained glass patterns. Most rooms have marble fireplaces, black with white veins. Furniture dates back as far as 1818.

The building was erected on a concrete foundation sunk six feet into the ground. This was so that it would withstand the movements in soil. A verandah runs around three sides, the fourth being left free for further extension. The whole of the outer brickwork is of pressed bricks and tuck-pointed. A dozen large ventilators are in the ceiling.

Alterations were carried out in 1920, and extensive restoration in recent years. The building was classified by the National Trust in 1979.